yay turky!

hi hi!

We had Gud tanksgivn did u?

We at turky!

We wach a mov abot a turky the presdent sad no 1 cud et.

We had stufn!

We had chescak!

We saw som 1 desid 2 get marid!

We drank lots of Pepr.

We saw lots of famly.

we at Pisa!

So fun,

by by

kidz patz koner


Hi Hi,

We had a good thanksgiving did you?

We ate turkey!

We watched a movie about a turkey that the president said no one could eat.  (Free Birds)

We had stuffing!

We had cheesecake!

We saw someone decide to get married.  (They saw someone propose)

We drank lots of pepper.  (They mean Dr. Pepper)

We saw lots of family!

We ate pizza!

So fun!

bye bye

kidz parts korner



Shh shh I b owt!

I b tird 2.

I wen dog huntin wif Momy it b fun.

I get 2 eat my fave food 2 day 2.

I had a gud day!

Bye bye!

Kidz patz Korner

Shh shh I am out!

I am tired to.

I went dog hunting with mommy it was fun. (Pokémon go guys)

I get to eat my favorite food today to.

I had a good day!

Bye bye!

Kidz Partz Korner


Hi Hi!

It b Haloeen!

We gots 2 cav a Jak o lanrn!

We gots lots of kandi!

We gotz piza!

We gotz r favrit pop.

We wachd sum fun mov e’s

Happi Halloeen!

Kidz Patz Kornr


Hi Hi!

It is Halloween!

We got to carve a Jack o Lantern!

We got a lot of candy!

We got pizza!

We got our favorite soda!

We watched some fun movies!

Happy Halloween!

Kidz Partz Corner


Hi Hi we had fun 2 day!

We wen on rod trip wif r favrit stuffy.

We saw lot of halloeen thins.

We lisned 2 halloeen music.

We at gud fud.

We slep wif r pet.

So fun!

Kidz Patz Konr
Hi Hi we had fun today.  We went on a road trip with our favorite stuffed animal.  We saw a lot of Halloween things.  We listened to Halloween music.  We ate good food.  We slept with our pet.  So fun!

Kidz Partz Korner


Hi hi! Our day was good.  We are excited about Halloween.  We want to make pumpkin seeds.  We want to dress up.  We want to carve pumpkins.  We like trick or treats but our body is too old.  Thanks for reading!

Kidz Partz Korner
Hi Hi!
R day wuz gud!

We r x site d bout Haloeen!

We wan 2 mak pumkin seds.

We wan 2 dres up.

We wan 2 carv pumkins.

We lik trik or trets but r bodi be 2 ode.

Tanks 4 redn

Kids patz konr

Hi Hi

Ending is helping us write this because we have trouble typing.  This is where we will be sharing our day with everyone.  We are excited to be able to have our own blog and Ending even gave us permission to type sometimes.  We type funny so it may be hard to understand but Ending will be typing what we have said above so that it’s easier for you to read.  Thanks for stopping by we can’t wait to share our fun days with you!

Endn is helping us rite this cuz we hav trouble typn.  This is wer we wil b sharn r day wif evy 1.  We r x sitid 2 hav r own blog n Endn evn gave us permision 2 type Sumtims.  We typ fund so it may b hard 2 undrstnd but Endn wil b typn wat we hav said so it b Ezr 4 u 2 red.  Tanks 4 stopn bi we cnt wait 2 shar r fun days wif u!

Kidz patz konr